Studio Jil-b was founded by Jill Baniqued
last year. The brand was born from
Jill’s fascination of colors, florals and
especially to the material, resin.


i started to get curious with resin last
december when i saw this clear glass ring
and I was just really fascinated
with it so I tried searching how to make a jewelry
made of glass. And that's when all the resin
tutorials appeared. It was Christmas break and
thought that it might be the best time to try
something new. It was just really refreshing to
me since I have been working digitally ever
since. And I just fell in love with the process in
a short time


My works are more like experiential layering, exploration of colors and florals. My goal is to create more unique pieces. Since, there are lots of resin artists right now since the quarantine, I want to create more objects that are different from the usual now. Furiku is the first step on that goal. Founded with my partner, we are exploring objects that are weird, yet functional.