how to care

What are your pieces made of?

My pieces are made of Resin.

How do I care for my piece?

Using glass or countertop cleaner, simply wipe down your resin art with a microfiber cloth to remove dust and other particulates. DO NOT let sharp or scratchy materials come in contact with your resin!! Despite resin being crack and shatter resistant, sharp materials can result in often irreversible damage to the surface.

Is it food contact safe?

Yes. The resin that I used is food contact safe. You can put over dry food. But it’s best to avoid putting food over it directly.

I would like to put super hot coffee or tea on the coaster, is it durable enough?

Yes. The material I use is very durable and is also pretty resilient to high heat and caustic chemicals (for ashtrays). However, prolonged contact with hot mugs, (etc) is not advised.

Will your products last forever? Like, will your flowers still look the same over time, does yellowing occur?

For the material that I use, all resin yellow overtime (in a few years), especially when exposed directly to sunlight. The flowers will last forever and will never rot. However the colors of it may vary over time, when exposed to sunlight too much. Direct UV rays and long term direct heat exposure may cause the resin to take on an amber tint over time, so best to avoid sunlight or too much heat exposure.

Do you have items in your shop with the same design?

All my products were carefully handcrafted. Each piece is unique, so no two are exactly alike. As each piece is individually made, there might be slight variation, wobbles, and microbubbles, which is indicative of the material and the hand made processes.

Is it heat/cold resistant?

Yes! My resin that I use is heat resistant and unaffected by cold, making it perfect for coasters, trivets, and more!


We ship using Fifth Express for orders within Metro Manila and Gogo Express for provincial orders. Processing time of orders is 3-5 business days. Once shipped, delivery time within the Metro Manila is 3-5 days, for provincial 5-7 days.

Please note, once your package is sent to our respective courier services, we are no longer in control and responsible for any damage or lost parcels or delay on the estimated travel time. No worries though, we are monitoring your package and we can assist you with tracking your package :)

returns and refunds

As we are just a small business, thus, we only have limited stocks on our pieces, all sales are final. Please keep in mind once the order is placed we are unable to make any changes to it. Orders cannot be cancelled once it is being processed. No refunds and cancellation will be entertained.

If you have any trouble, please contact us at or message us via Instagram.